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My name is Eva Cernohubova and I am into graphics and webdesign for breeders since 2004, thus I was fifteen years old. Until today you can find many works for breeders, who belong to the top not only in our country but in Europe as well, in my portfolio. I am also author of the logo for WDS 2021, which was held in our country – Czech Republic.

I approach each of my works very individually. Just like each dog is unique in his own way, I also want all of my works to be original. I do believe that is the reason why many outstanding breeders, for who the breeding is simply something more, entrusted me their presentations. Breeders, for who shows, training and breeding, is simply not only a hobby, but a lifelong challenge that brings them joy and fulfills them.

If you want to know more not only about me but also see some of my works, you are welcome to explore the website further.


I am a dog person since I was born. Our Basset Hound FCI kennel Bohemia Horrido has been founded in 1993 and since then we were regularly participating with our dogs at shown in Czech and abroad as well.
My first website was a homepage for our Bassets and it did not take long before more websites for our friends followed.
At the time I successfully finished study of architecture at university in Brno in 2014, I was webmaster of many websites for breeders and several clubs. Even the architecture is very interesting field, I know it makes no sense to do anything with only half devotion, and I decided to fully focus on my works for breeders and clubs.
When I look back in these days, I can only confirm my decision to follow my heart was right. At shows I can now be happy not only from results of our own dogs but also from achievement of my clients. For many of them I take photos and do graphics for many years. I know many of them personally and I am happy to see how their hard work brings fruit and not only at shows but also in training or hunting kynology. I am truly happy from each of their progress or wins. From my own experience I know how difficult and also fulfilling is the world of breeding and how volatile fortune is in a dog world. And I wish it to everyone, for who the breeding is „something more“, from the bottom of my heart.

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"Because each dog is unique... "